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What is your favorite feature or benefit of Terkel’s premium plan? Why does this stand out to you?

To help you determine if Terkel’s premium plan is right for you, we asked CEOs and entrepreneurs with ample experience using the premium features this question for their best insights. From increasing opportunities with early access to responding to an unlimited number of queries, there are several viewpoints that may help you decide whether the premium plan would benefit you.Here are six benefits of Terkel’s premium plan:

  • Increase Opportunities with Early Access
  • Choose Questions to Answer with Link-Type
  • Increase Online Visibility
  • Look at Publication Domain Ratings;
  • Respond Quickly with Streamlined Pitching;
  • Respond to an Unlimited Number of Queries;

Increase Opportunities with Early Access;

The main challenge of getting your quotes noticed by journalists is that hundreds of others compete with you on a daily basis. Ultimately, this is why Terkel Premium’s two-day early access is my favorite feature. Other platforms send their queries utilizing a mass email technique. While it is democratic, it greatly hinders the likelihood of your success rate.Terkel Premium offers a two-day head start. Not only does this increase your chances that your submission will stand out, but it allows the opportunity to spend more time in creating your thoughtful responses. The early access feature of Terkel Premium alleviates the pressures of creating a quality response under the strict deadline parameters that journalists often operate under on other platforms.

Omid Semino, Diamond Mansion

Choose Questions to Answer with Link-Type

It is difficult to pinpoint which benefit of Terkel’s premium plan is the best. All of them are very useful and tremendously helpful. Still, if I have to select just one, then link-type is my choice. This one is a no-brainer and a huge time saver, as knowing whether the link will be do-follow, unlinked, or nofollow, does make a huge difference in which queries I choose to answer first. Thus, while I deeply appreciate other features too, link-type is another filtering tool so I can quickly assess which questions are worth my time.

Peter Bryla, ResumeLab

Increase Online Visibility;

I am increasing my internet presence as I am being quoted more often compared to other similar platforms. Utilizing Terkel and getting published in an article provides legitimacy to my business and the experience that I can share. The cost of the premium plan is a no-brainer based on the increased online visibility that I am getting.

Scott Baker, Stage 3 Leadership

Look at Publication Domain Ratings

The premium account shows the Domain Rating of publications and whether they add a Do-follow backlink or a no-follow backlink. Our SEO specialist has explained that publications that do not offer a do-follow backlink do not have any business benefit and so it is a waste of time for us to spend time pitching. It’s also great to see the Domain Rating as it allows us to spend more time articulating the pitch for higher domain ratings as it helps boost traffic, visibility and website ranking even more. Knowing which pitches to spend time on and which are better to avoid for a person who has a busy schedule helps save time, effort and reaps better results.

Michael Nemeroff, Rush Order Tees

Respond Quickly with Streamlined Pitching;

Compared to how you have to pitch authors on HARO, Terkel is a dream. I love how streamlined the pitching process is. Rather than having to copy and paste details into a blank email, write some lengthy pitch that provides your background and credentials, and try to generally convince the author you know what you’re talking about, Terkel is so much simpler. Terkel already knows your background and details, so you can get straight to the good part: answering queries. Plus, you can quickly type your response into their text box and hit send — no more clunky emails or being sent to the spam folder. I can get through about three times as many questions on Terkel as I can on HARO because of this more efficient process.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight

Respond to an Unlimited Number of Queries

The biggest and best benefit of Terkel’s premium plan is that there is no limit to the outreach you can do for your business. With so many reporters posting at different times, choosing which 5 questions you’d like to answer can be challenging and frustrating but, with the premium plan, I don’t have to sacrifice one pitch for another.

Colin Palfrey, JollySEO

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