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How do I know where my answer will be published?

All publishers are kept anonymous on Terkel.

By keeping publisher information anonymous, we are able to find the right partner to accept the content and publish to their website. 

We can share that we carefully screen all publishers who we produce content for, and take into consideration metrics like domain authority, organic traffic, and relevance. Because we carefully screen publishers, we feel that publishers can be kept anonymous because of our commitment to only work with trustworthy and relevant websites. For a partial list of publishers, please view your dashboard within Terkel.

What are the domain rating and organic traffic qualifications that must be met for publishers?

Currently there isn’t a hard rule around domain rating and organic traffic. Those metrics are more flexible as we consider how a publisher can support the Terkel community.

But, generally speaking, 50+ DR (Domain Rating) is our goal and there needs to be a display that the content we post on a partner site will generate organic search traffic. Our goal with every piece of content is to obtain a featured snippet for a target keyword, and if the site doesn’t show the potential to achieve that goal, we likely will pass on the opportunity to partner with a site.

How long is the typical amount of time between answering a question and getting published?

We are working on reducing the gap of time between answering a question and getting featured in an article. Currently, the average amount of time is about 2-3 weeks if an answer is selected.

Will we be notified if that site decides to publish our content? 

Yes, our team will notify you via email when your insights are published on one of our partner websites. We are also working on a personalized dashboard on terkel.io in which you will be able to track where you have been published. 

Do my answers include a backlink to my website? 

Ultimately, our publishers have editorial discretion on how to feature content on their website. But, when we submit content to our publishers, each answer from the Terkel community has link attribution back to a website or LinkedIn profile. You can add your company website and LinkedIn profile to your Terkel profile to ensure you are properly attributed in articles.

How can I manage multiple clients via Terkel?

Currently, the best way to submit answers for multiple individuals is to create multiple accounts. This way, you can fill out a profile for each client and answer questions accordingly. While this may not be ideal, we are working on a “team” account that is able to attach multiple panelists to a single account. 

I don’t see any new questions in Terkel?

We upload new questions every Monday. In the meantime, please make sure that “Interests” are selected in your profile so that relevant questions are displayed in the “Questions” section.

How does the deadline system work? If the deadline is over, will the questions disappear from the platform?

We review submissions on an ongoing basis and close out questions when we have a sufficient base of insights to select from. Sometimes that may be on Friday. Other times, that could be the same day or weeks later. It just depends on the quality and quantity of submissions. After we have closed the question, it will disappear from the platform.

What is considered original content?

We consider “original content” to be something that has never been said before online – be it in text, video, on your company website, or any other forms of media. Our partners require all insights to be original because originality is critical to the success of content online.

Can I see the answers I’ve submitted?

We “hide” answers after submission because we want to ensure that the content will be original for our partners, and to reduce the publishing delay between submitting answers and having insights published. 

Would it be possible to retract a response I submitted on Terkel?

Once an answer has been submitted there is not currently a way to edit or retract an answer, so please proofread and obtain approval for all answers before submission. It’s like turning in a final exam. Once you hand the paper to the professor, you won’t be able to edit or change what was submitted.

I have other questions not asked here. What should I do?

Please contact us.