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how to get free blog content

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How can you get free blog content and unique articles to post to your website? 

Here’s the TLDR; (too long, didn’t read) answer: Terkel.

Terkel is a knowledge platform that creates free articles featuring expert insights. 

Here’s how Terkel works (and how you get free blog content). 

1. Publishers submit a question through Terkel.

2. Terkel posts the question to their knowledge platform.

3. Experts answer the question, and Terkel converts the best answers into a Google Doc article that can be published on your blog. 

That’s it. 

All articles from Terkel feature original insights from experts that help engage readers and increase traffic from organic search and social media. 

Brands (GoDaddy, Calendly, Globalization Partners), member-driven organizations (SHRM, American Marketing Association Chapters, Chambers of Commerce) institutions (University of Arizona, Claremont Lincoln University), and media sites (Magazines, News Sites) are some of the main publishers who partner with Terkel to create community-driven content for their blogs. 

There are two ways publishers interested in receiving free blog content can obtain unique articles for their website: 

  • Upload a Question
  • Claim a Completed Article

Let’s explore both options on how anyone from realtors to small businesses can obtain blog content free – without having to use a blog content generator.

Submit a Question

The first option for getting free content for your blog is to submit a question through Terkel.

Here’s how. 

First, sign up as a Terkel Publisher at


Second, post a question by following the step-by-step instructions on this blog: Introducing Publisher Accounts

The question will then go to the Terkel team for review, where metrics like authority, traffic, and relevance are evaluated when deciding whether to create content for submissions. 

If the question is selected, the Terkel team will notify the publisher via email and the article will be ready for review by the set delivery date.

Upon completion, the article Google Doc link will be shown in the “Completed” section of the dashboard. Each article includes: 

  • Hero graphic featuring the headshots of expert contributors
  • Insights from experts offering unique perspectives around the question
  • Introduction featuring article summary, optimized for featured snippets in search results 

Publishers have full editorial control of their articles and may make any edits they see fit.

Claim A Completed Article 🚧

Terkel has completed articles that need a home!

This option is great for potential partners who want to test out an initial article before signing up and uploading questions of their own.

This feature is COMING SOON 🚧

Next Steps: Get Free Blog Content

Terkel is the best way to get free blog content for your website. 

All content is original and meets Terkel’s terms of service. Plus, with publishers having final editorial oversight of all content published on their website, looking to Terkel to support a content strategy is a step brands, member-driven organizations, and media sites should consider taking.

Still on the fence? 

Consider signing up for Terkel as a panelist. Submit your insights, and see where you get published to learn more about the process. Or, review some of the content that has been published on Terkel’s “dashboard.” 

From there, you can be the judge on whether to use Terkel to connect your brand to expert insights.