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About a year ago, we started Terkel to help small businesses build authority online.

In that time, we’ve published articles with partners like Calendly, GoDaddy, SCORE, and 50+ more brands. We’ve also met with hundreds of Terkel users to learn which features provide value to them (and also, which features don’t matter!).

With those experiences in mind, we’re proud to announce Premium accounts at Terkel.

Here are the highlights of Premium –

  • Unlimited answer submissions. “Lite” accounts will be limited to five answer submissions per month, while Premium will have unlimited submissions.
  • Early, VIP access to questions. You’ll have the first opportunity to answer a question and be given more time to craft an answer before a question closes.
  • Support and editorial coaching from our team at Terkel to help increase answer selection.  

Let’s dive into each of these highlights.

Unlimited Answer Submissions

A profound statement came from Steven M. Brown, an HR expert, when he mentioned –

“I shouldn’t have to pay to share words.”

We agree.

To this point, we’ve always offered Terkel users unlimited answer submissions at no cost. However, by giving Terkel users unlimited answers, we’ve found that many users answer questions outside of their areas of expertise. This reduces the answer selection success rate of a user, which can result in frustration.

That’s why starting today, our “Lite” accounts on Terkel will be limited to five answer submissions per month while Premium accounts will enjoy unlimited submissions.

By limiting answer submissions, we hope that we can:

  • Increase the quality of insights we are able to share with our publishing partners.
  • Offer users a higher success rate in getting an answer selected.

VIP Access to Questions

Terkel automatically closes questions when a sufficient number of answers have been collected. By closing questions on a first-come, first-served basis, we aim to improve the success rate of getting your answer published and avoid asking people to answer a closed question.

That’s why another benefit of Premium accounts is early access to questions. By providing early access to questions, Premium accounts will have the first opportunities at covering angles to answer a question as well as more time to craft an answer. They will also have a larger quantity of opportunities and be able to focus on the highest quality partners on Terkel.

Support & Editorial Coaching

To select answers, Terkel uses an algorithm to select answers based on how well the answer satisfies an element of search intent.

The fact of the matter is that there are many elements that make up search intent. For example, an article about “social media marketing tips” may need to cover topics ranging from “target audience” to “types of content” to “social channels” to effectively meet the search intent behind a question.

Premium accounts will have access to support and editorial coaching from Terkel to help craft an answer that satisfies search intent. With this support, we hope that we can increase the quality of expertise being shared with our publishing partners and increase answer selection.

Next Steps

We will be adding new features to Premium accounts in the months ahead so that you can build authority online. We’ll also be introducing plenty of new publishing partners as well. 

Stay tuned!

Questions about the Premium plan? Shoot them our way by signing up for an account and sending feedback.