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Publishers, content writers, and marketing managers are now able to sign-up for a Terkel Publisher Account and request content – currently at no cost.


Publishers request content by…

  • Sign up as a Terkel Publisher
  • Submit questions
  • Receive a full-length article
  • Publish

Here’s how to get content:

  1. Make an account
  2. Submit a question
  3. Track your article progress
  4. Publish & Share URL

1. Make An Account 

  • Go to to make an account
    • If you already have an Expert account on Terkel, log in and find the red drop-down menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click “create publisher account” 
  • Toggle the selection to “Asking Questions (Content Publisher)
  • Complete the One Time Password (OTP) verification. A code will be sent to your email address

2. Submit A Question

  • Question tag area: Panelists use these tags to declare their area of expertise. Select which industry experts you want answering your question.


  • Delivery date: Delivery dates are limited to two weeks from the day of the request. The farther out the delivery date, the longer the question is able to be live on Terkel to collect responses. 


  • Question: When uploading a question, please use wording similar to: give one tip, one recommendation, one way etc. to make sure each panelist elaborates on one topic. We compile the best quotes that elaborate on different subjects to create a well-rounded expert roundup. 


  • Target Keywords: Please enter the desired keyword you’d like the article to rank for. This helps Terkel select the most relevant quotes for your article. See FAQs for more info.


  • Article Title: Use “X” as a number placeholder. Ex: “X” Productivity Tips from CEOs. Article titles can always be edited once the article is completed.


  • Source: Where the article will be published (must be a website that you own, manage, or contribute to) 


  • Attribution Type: How will you attribute the quotes? Choose between DoFollow, NoFollow, or Unlinked. This will be shown to panelists and affect which articles they choose to contribute to.


  • What are you looking for?: Choose between Ready to be published article, or Quotes to use in my article.

Tip: If you’re a content writer who is just looking for quotes to add to your article – choose “Quotes to use in my article”. This expert roundup will exclude any stylistic changes and editing to quote headings. 

3. Track Your Article Progress

  1. Entered: Questions just entered (you can delete it if you feel you made a spelling or any other mistake)

Entered questions will be reviewed and either approved or rejected by the Terkel team. Feedback will be provided 

Your question has been Entered and is being reviewed
  1. In progress: Approved by Terkel
    • Your question is now live or scheduled to go live on Terkel
    • The public question link is active (regardless of question start date) and can be shared with stakeholders for publishers who would like to include insights from their communities.
    • Email Templates: Collect Quotes From Partner Communities

Your question is In Progress
  1. Completed: All the entries in the completed section are ready to be reviewed and published.

Your article is Completed

Make any edits you see fit, then the article is ready to be published.

Publishers have complete editorial control of their articles. See the FAQs for more details on editing

4. Published: Your article has been published and is now live on your site.

Enter the published link

Enter the live URL so we can promote your article.

Our team will notify the included panelists of article inclusion and encourage them to link to press pages and share on social media

Profile page – update/check your profile


Please email any and all feedback/questions to 

  • Tech Issues
  • Feature Suggestions
  • Etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What “content” do I receive after posting a question to Terkel?

Publishers receive a ready-to-be-published article after posting a question on Terkel. 

The article features expert insights that are selected to satisfy the search intent of a question. This means the article will feature diverse perspectives and tips to engage readers. In addition, the article includes a brief introduction with a bullet point list of tips that has helped many publishers achieve a featured snippet on search engine result pages. 

What is Terkel “Content”?

How are answers selected? 

With all the best SEO practices in mind. For the last decade, our founder ran an SEO agency for small businesses. In that time, content from clients generated more than 1B impressions.

Does this align with Google’s guidelines?

Short Answer: Yes! we to adhere to Google’s Link Scheme Guidelines.

Long Answer: Google’s guidelines clearly state that a platform like Terkel needs to allow a third-party content owner the choice of qualifying outbound links. Because of these guidelines, we give publishing partners complete editorial control of their Terkel articles, including the choice of including links.

Google likes Terkel because we help industry experts (the publishing brands) create relevant content for their audiences. When someone searches HR software to try, Google would rather rank an article found on an HR company blog than a question/answer forum.

Who can be a publishing partner?

When evaluating potential partners, we factor in metrics like authority, traffic, and relevance. We ask publishers to submit questions that fit our current tags – Business/HR/Recruiting/Tech/Finance/Marketing/Law/General

What makes a question a good fit for Terkel?

Since Terkel is currently focused on verticals like Business, Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance, please make sure your question is a topical fit. 

In addition, please use wording in your question to limit experts to ONE tip/recommendation/way within their answer. This way, each panelist will be encouraged to elaborate on one topic.

Panelist view: Questions that go live on

Do articles have introductions/conclusions?

Our editorial team does not create introductions or conclusions. We encourage our partners to write their own introductions or use this template:

[Insert Question]

To help (target audience) with (desired benefit), we asked (expert audience) and (expert audience) this question for their best (adjective). From (panelist headline) to (panelist headline), there are several (adjective) that may help you (desired benefit) for (length of time). 

Here are (number) (adjective) for (KEYWORD):


What’s the difference between “Quotes only” and “A ready-to-publish article”

What do I put for my Keyword?

Your desired keyword is the phrase that you’re trying to get your article to rank for on search engines.

The keyword should be a 2-8 word phrase that best summarizes the purpose of the article. Ask yourself, “What would a person type into the search bar to come across my article?”

8 Keyword Research Tips To Boost Organic Search Traffic

Can I make direct edits to quotes?

Yes, publishing partners own their Terkel content and have full editorial control. When making direct edits to quotes, it is important to keep the message of the quote true to the original version.

What is “OK”: Minor rewording, rephrasing, restructuring, and removal of text.

What is NOT “OK”: Changing the message of the quote, removing all attribution, using the quote as your own, plagiarism.

Can I remove/add quotes?

Yes, feel free to remove and add quotes as you see fit.

How is Terkel different from HARO for publishers?

  • No pitches. Queries on HARO result in a stream of email pitches delivered to an inbox. Terkel spares the inbox. The only thing we deliver to a publisher or journalist is a ready-to-be-published article with the best expert insights.
  • Expert Verification. Terkel only shares insights from real people, with real identities. HARO does not verify the identities of users, which requires journalists to verify sources.
  • No external communication. Terkel notifies experts when their quotes have been used for publication, and shares ways they can promote their inclusion to help drive traffic to your site. Journalists on HARO manually notify sources.

There are many other differences, but the best way to learn is to experience Terkel for yourself.

More Questions?