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For Experts

People spend their whole lives acquiring knowledge, talents, and skills, but very few get the chance to share what they have accumulated.

Terkel gives a voice and platform to experts, and provides people with the opportunity to share, get published, and be heard.

Individuals who sign up for Terkel can expect to answer questions and have their insights be considered for publication on our partner websites.

Our main areas of expertise are Business, Marketing, HR/Recruiting, Technology, Finance, Real Estate, and Law.


For Brands

Are you struggling to find the time or resources to keep your blog up-to-date?

Do you want to create more relevant and authoritative content for your brand but don’t have experts on hand?

Or maybe you’re a content writer looking for quotes from professionals to include in your articles?

Terkel connects brands with expert insights.

Think of us as your shiny new content automation tool.

Brands who partner with Terkel can expect to post questions and receive full-length articles featuring expert insights.

Expert Benefits

What is in it for experts who contribute to Terkel?

Benefits for industry experts include:

  • Establish your online presence by getting featured in high-traffic blog posts from publishers like GoDaddy, Calendly, SHRM, and more.
  • Network with experts in similar industries
  • Leverage the article to start a conversation with a potential hire, prospect, or partner.
  • Showcase your expertise by sharing the article on social media and positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry
  • Active users on Terkel enjoy a higher success rate of publication than other platforms like HARO and Qwoted

The average publication success rate for an active Terkel user is 33%


Publisher Benefits

So what’s in this for publishing partners? Glad you asked!

Benefits for brands that partner with Terkel:

  • Ability to post questions to Terkel.io
  • Full-length articles featuring expert insights
  • Ownership of articles created
  • Creative and editorial control of the content
  • Oh.. did I mention it’s free?!

An average piece of content generates

  • 5 Backlinks
    • since people featured in the article often link to it from a press page
  • 15 organic search visits per month
    • content is engineered for organic search success
  • 20 organic keywords
    • content ranks for multiple keywords

Become a Terkel Panelist

Do you want your expert insights to get published? Let’s do this.

  1. Fill out your profile in order to attribute your answers and pick out your interests.
  2. Answer questions that relate to your expertise. Repeat this process to increase your chances of getting published.
  3. Check out published articles on your dashboard to view some of our publishing partners. Any articles that you are featured in will appear here.
  4. Decide between a premium or lite account. Terkel users on a Lite account will receive 5 credits for answering questions (per month), while Premium accounts have unlimited credits. Are you thinking about a Team account? Contact us with your interest.

Become a Terkel Publisher

Convinced yet? Great! Let’s get started.

  1. Sign up as a Publisher: Terkel.io/signuppublisher
  2. Submit a question
  3. Wait for us to let you know the article is ready
  4. Publish the article
  5. Share the article URL with Terkel

The step-by-step instructions and FAQs for requesting an article can be found here: Introducing Publisher Accounts

Still on the fence? We encourage you to follow the steps above and try an initial test article to see if we’d be a good contributor to your blog.



Is Terkel free?

Terkel has a Freemium model for panelists and is currently free for publishing partners

What are the quote requirements?

  • Answers should be 4-6 sentences, actionable, nonpromotional, and original (not published anywhere else).
  • Headlines should summarize your quote and start with an action verb. They should be capitalized using AP format.
    • Good headline examples: “Leverage Employee Networks” “Accelerate the Hiring Process” “Build a Feedback Loop”
    • Bad headline examples: “One goal is…” “Best tip for TA teams…” “Culture is important” “Finding excellent candidates”
  • Your quote should elaborate deeply on one tip or topic, rather than giving general summaries of advice. Provide the reader potential benefits of adopting your advice and real-life examples of how this affected you (or how you put this into action
    • Good quotes: discuss one way to improve the recruitment process. Dives deep into this subtopic using examples and the benefits of improving the process through this method. Sentence structure is complex.
    • Bad quotes: talk about four goals that recruiters should set for themselves and doesn’t go into depth about each of them. Lists the goals without explaining why it’s important. Answers are in bullet points.

How many questions can I answer?

  • Lite user: 3 answers per month. Answers reset at the first calendar date of every month
  • Premium users: unlimited answer selection and two day early access to questions before lite users
  • Team users: unlimited answer selection through a team account and two day early access to questions before lite users

Can I be a panelist and a publisher?

Yes! Answering questions as a panelist and publishing content as a Terkel partner is a great way to grow in thought leadership and increase your brand authority online.

What kind of brands use Terkel?

Currently, Terkel brands make up companies that provide services in the following industries: Business, Marketing, Finance, Tech, HR/Recruiting, Legal, Higher Education, eCommerce.

What makes a question a good fit for Terkel?

When uploading a question, please use wording similar to give one tip, one recommendation, one way, etc. to make sure each panelist elaborates on one topic.

Questions that go live on Terkel.io

Example: Unstack posted to Terkel ” What is one marketing trend you see in store for Shopify store owners in 2022? What can store owners do to capitalize on this trend to improve sales?” and published this article: 12 Shopify Marketing Trends To Boost Sales in 2022

What edits can partners make to articles?

Publishing partners own their Terkel content and have full editorial control. For example, publishers can add/remove quotes, write content around the quotes, make direct edits to quotes/headlines, etc.

When making direct edits to quotes, it is important to keep the message of the quote true to the original version.

What is “OK”: Minor rewording, rephrasing, restructuring, and removal of text.

What is NOT “OK”: Changing the message of the quote, removing all attribution, using the quote as your own, plagiarism.

Does this align with Google’s guidelines?

Short Answer: Yes! we to adhere to Google’s Link Scheme Guidelines.

Long Answer: Google’s guidelines clearly state that a platform like Terkel needs to allow a third-party content owner the choice of qualifying outbound links. Because of these guidelines, we give publishing partners complete editorial control of their Terkel articles, including the choice of including links.

Google likes Terkel because we help industry experts (the brands) create relevant content for their audiences. When someone searches HR software to try, Google would rather rank an article found on an HR company blog than a question/answer forum.