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Terkel launched its Publishing feature in January 2022. 

There are roughly 542 million inactive blogs abandoned due to lack of resources, time, and money needed to sustain them.

Terkel’s Publishing feature was created to help brands create content and reconnect with their audiences

Since launching Publisher accounts, marketing teams, blog managers, content writers, and business owners have been using Terkel’s self-serving publisher platform to request articles featuring expert insights for their blogs. 

So, what kind of content can publishers expect from Terkel?

Publishers receive a ready-to-be published article in a shared Google Doc link, as well as a JPG graphic after posting a question on Terkel. 

The “Completed” Section of the Terkel Publisher Dashboard

The article features expert insights that are selected to satisfy the search intent of a question. This means the article will feature diverse perspectives and tips to engage readers. In addition, the article includes a brief introduction with a bullet point list of tips that has helped many publishers achieve a featured snippet on search engine result pages. 

The graphic typically features the headshots of all experts included in the article. We’ve found that publishers who include this graphic in articles enjoy an increase in social media traffic, as many experts share articles they’re published in to establish themselves as thought leaders on social media sites. 

What does published content look like?

Publisher Examples of Terkel Content 

Terkel publishers have full editorial and creative control of their content.

This means that publishers may adjust the formatting, edit/remove/add written content, links, images, etc!

What is required by publishers?

We ask that publishers do their best to follow these requirements:

  • When making direct edits to quotes, the quote must remain true to its original message
  • Publish the article within two weeks of receiving & share the URL on Terkel

Success Stories

Humble Brag – We outrank Oprah!

Terkel Articles Ranked #1 on Google

Ready to get started?

Head on over to Terkel.io/publishing or read this blog post Introducing Publisher Accounts to get set up as a Terkel Publisher

Need Help?

Reach out to Partnerships@terkel.io if you need any assistance.